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Through strong partnerships and in order to boost foreign trade market in the Belo Horizonte, the ARMINTER began its journey in international business in 1990. The pioneering and innovative spirit of ARMINTER in Minas Gerais’ market was essential for its development, making it one of the leading companies in the industry in the state. Lately, with nearly 25 years of market, ARMINTER has a broad coverage that extends throughout the main ports and custom grounds of Brazil. The operation quality standards are maintained by carefully selecting its employees and partners to make sure they meet our customers’ needs and requests.

One of the company’s highlights is undoubtedly the customizable service, which sets it apart from the competitor in the industry. Customers are the center of our business and this influences directly in the company’s vision and values. While the vision defines our destination, the values of ARMINTER are part of the strategic plan, guiding actions and decisions towards the benefit of all of the company's stakeholders.

Our activities are conducted in responsible way, making this a major quality in the logistics business, import and export clearance assistance. We dedicate our work to improve the performance of our customers by applying our knowledge and innovation in all our actions.

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